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latin america 2016 cup • semi final

Hand picked by our local members, these eight new skyscrapers represent the best of Latin America in 2016. You all get to decide which one is best!

Torre Reforma

Mexico City • 244 meter » info

Torre Genesis

Santiago » info

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prahovaploiesti Torre Genesis  
ArtZ Torre Genesis  +1
gwiATLeman Do people know that one side of Torre Reforma looks like this? [link]  +4
Lovricico Tremendous wall.  
gwiATLeman Do people know that one side of Torre Reforma looks like this  
Braillard Both are marvelous but Torre Reforma is so packed with innovation, attention to details, conservation and integration of the historical building beneath, different look depending on the angles, elegant choice of materials, and height... that it gets my vote. It should win the cup!  +1
CapTijSlp it's really an amazing tower... My vote from Tijuana the fastes growing city in mexico  +1
goldkvist It seems that some forumers haven't seen the other side of the Reforma Tower...  +5
Natsudie the other side is pretty awesome, sadly they put this side.  +4
falp6 In fact, I like much more the other facade.  +1
CactusLord Torre reforma is f* amazing voto desde España amigos ;)  +1
Danieljacoboal How can you compare a 57 fl masterpiece to a 22 fl building?  +10
midrise A giant of ingenuity vs a dwarf of beauty???  +2
Sierrja Torre Reforma is the best  
Sierrja Toore  
Gardel Genesis de una  +1
DUBAI10000 Both are 9/10 buildings but Torre Reforma wins my vote.  +2
Skyline Art Torre Genesis  +2
vartal Torre Genesis  +2
arno-13 Scrolling trough the thread,both are aboslutely gorgeous in their own way. South Amercia may have produced the best skyscrapet of the year ! I mean wow. For that, ad because i like otch equaly i won't vote to favor one or an other.  
manuelmonge yeah well, Mexico is not part of South America tho...  +2