one on one of February 16, 2017

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north america 2016 cup • semi final

For our final regional cup for 2016 we're looking at North America, excluding New York City.

Porsche Design Tower

Sunny Isles Beach • 195 meter » info

Trump Intl Hotel & Tower

Vancouver • 188 meter » info

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Sheikh23 Both are ok but not really good  
prahovaploiesti Porsche Design Tower  
ArtZ Trump, a guy who befooled the Bilderberg group, btw. lol  
Dr. Rabbit If the towers switched names, no one would vote for the one on the left, Trump tower looks more beautiful and some people won't admit it.  
Munwon Go Trump!  
somrach1 that's why us Canadian never surpass Americans lol . that's a fact  +1
danieloc Canada is heaven compared to the US in basically all aspects  
somrach1 just because yall doesn't like the name and decided not to vote for it while the Trump tower is clearly the winner ? lmao  
towerpower123 Unsurprisingly, the contest is more about the tower's name than beauty...  +3
abii Voted for the Donny Tinyhand Trump Tower. Only because I'm from Vancouver and the tower does look nicer. But if I wasn't from Vancouver I wouldn't vote for it. The tower needs a name change pronto. The East Asian investors that built this shat the bed big time.  +1
naruciakk Presidential tower is IMO worse than Porsche's.  
Ignacio Alaniz Amazing design  
Skylimitone I took the Porsche photo lol. That gets my vote.  +3
A Chicagoan I don't like the Trump name. The Porsche name is nice, however.  +3
JMGA196 It's against my moral architectural code not to vote for Trump Int. Tower  +4
vartal Trump Intl Hotel & Tower  
Balikbayan Vancouver bldg better but not voted because of name!  +3
Sainton The Trump put me off. I vote Porche  +1
FAVAustinTX I just can't vote anything Trump.  +13
JamieUK Thanks for letting us know your not capable of giving an honest unbiased opinion.  +17
Bruce.Tenmile He didn't build it. They're just ill-advisedly using his name.  +1
Gutovsky I don't think he just "lets" people use his name for nothing in return.  +1
towerpower123 Trump's name at one point meant luxury. There are dozens of buildings that only license his name but had literally nothing to do with him. Trump Plaza in Jersey City is one of them.