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latin america 2016 cup • finale

Hand picked by our local members, these eight new skyscrapers represent the best of Latin America in 2016. You all get to decide which one is best!


Buenos Aires • 155 meter » info

Torre Reforma

Mexico City • 244 meter » info

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vartal Torre Reforma  
Emi Ang No surprise, no one here thinks in terms of scale and context. And I don't want to even look what's in the ground floor of the Reforma  
Lovricico Argentinian users < Mexican users.  +5
coldplay Torre BBVA all the way!  +3
Bon Vivant Torre Reforma a true master piece of Architecture + Engineering: one step ahead other buildings in Latin America  +2
GMPatlacocity Torre reforma una muestra de ingeniería y arquitectura  +1
mergedbear Reforma tower of course!  
dacost reforma  
AleksIII Torre Reforma  +2
cmc Reforma  +1
Gratteciel BBVA is a very nice tower; Reforma Tower is an engineering masterpiece; A unique skyscraper!  +12
Alejandro D Reforma is so overdone... I prefer the elegant simplicity of BBVA.  +8
Salmeron(9) Ponga huevo BBVA que esta noche cueste lo que cueste  +2
martinalagui BBVA!!!  +2
Sierrja The other side of Torre Reforma is much more than front/back side  
SOLOMON 1 Torre Reforma, the best skyscraper in Latin America.  +9
Maxem Some pics of BBVA in high resolution, including the one shown above: [link]  +11
Maxem BBVA!  +1
DarkLite Reforma tower has a horrible back side, it's daring design facing the avenue does not make up for the massive wall in it's rear  +7
gwiATLeman Torre Reforma is an interesting design but I personally don't thing high rise towers should have a front/back side.  +6
gwiATLeman As a reminder, this is the other view of Torre Reforma. [link]  +10
JuanT Less is more. BBVA  +9
Braillard Reforma tower is possibly thr most interesting skyscraper of 2016 in the world.  +21
Aztecgoddess Reforma tower, it is much more than just a beautiful building.  +2
Leandro_lenz A la reforma le haria algunas reformas  +14