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asia 2016 cup • finale

with China taking most of je supertall cake for past year, there is still plenty to be chose from in tje Asian continent. This tournament lines up the best and tallest of the Asian countries in 2016

Oasia Hotel Downtown

Singapore • 191 meter » info

Bank of China Headquarters

Ningbo • 246 meter » info

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Lovricico Oasia Hotel Downtown.  
vartal Bank of China Headquarters  
arhimed2050 Bank of China  +1
Braillard My girlfriend says Oasia Hotel looks like a bloody tampon.  
spursfan1882 Used?  
Balkanada I wonder how many people voted for the Bank of China Headquarters because they actually like it or because it's the taller one. I think most people base their vote on the latter fact  +4
uhsdfnjueasd I actually chose it mainly because of the shape. I really like how that tower looks dynamic and sleak. It also has some really nice cladding. The Oasia Hotel is just a bit too colourful for my taste. But height doesn't matter for my choice!  +2
A Chicagoan When in doubt, I refer to the height, but most of the time I choose the one I actually like better, like in this case.  
stofzuiger Should have placed a more recent photo of the Oasia Hotel. In reality it's a lot greener than can be seen on this photo.  +3