one on one of March 1, 2017

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gang cup • semi final

Four skyscraper designs by Chicago based Studio Gang

Vista Tower

Chicago • 362 meter » info

One Hundred

St Louis • 117 meter » info

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Hudson11 Vista Tower is something new for Chicago. However, I like St Louis' project because new, legit, art deco highrises iare so rare these days.  
TheIllinoisan Its a bummer how ~75% of the "people" on this website are monkey children that only vote based on height. Must be a lot of "men" with tiny dicks around here...  +1
Exethalion It's a bummer how you throw your toys out of your pram when others have an opinion different from your own.  +13
AUTOTHRILL patronising. id rather have the chicago towers in my city.  
Naipesky In GANG places, around here, you can see impressive works like this: [link]  
vartal Vista Tower  +1