one on one of March 2, 2017

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water tower cup • quarter final

eight of the most distinctive water towers in the world decide which ones is the world's best!

classic ones

Old Lady at István Square

Szeged • 1904 » info

Wrocław Water Tower

Wrocław • 1905 » info

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vartal Old Lady at István Square  
Róka Old Lady at István Square  
Braillard Wooooow. I didn't know those existed. Wroclaw Water Tower is stunning!  +1
Que Paso? Wrocław of course. I am from Wroclaw and I know in real it looks way better than on this photo. Let's see: [link]  
JMGA196 Both are great, but Old Lady at Istvan Square gets my vote because of the simmetry and because you can easily realize it's a water tower and not a castle  
august88 both cool, but i like symmetry. also damn, if only my city took our water towers as seriously..  
DouglasFir33 6 on one, half dozen on the other...  
natansalda oh I love water towers :)  
Exethalion They are both beautiful but Wroclaw's little bridge at the top is really distinctive and cute  +2
Sainton Both ugly  +1
ThatOneGuy Old Lady  
Tolbert beautiful german ingenering :)  +4
Octaviansson Except that none of them is in Germany  
Saxonia @Octaviansson The tower in Wroclaw was built during german Times.  +3