one on one of March 4, 2017

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water tower cup • quarter final

eight of the most distinctive water towers in the world decide which ones is the world's best!

famous ones

Chicago Water Tower

Chicago • 1869 » info

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait City • 187 meter » info

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midrise All this bickering makes me thirsty.  +1
A Chicagoan The Water Tower is iconic and beautiful. The Kuwait Towers look like golf balls stuck on tees.  +4
JMGA196 There's literally no reason to vote for some retarded spikes.  +3
BinSuroor Defentley kuwait towers  
Sechou Kuwait Towers  
Sainton Kuwaits towers are iconic. Chicagos looks like a toy shop.  +2
vartal Chicago Water Tower  +2
Róka Chicago Avenue Water Tower and Pumping Station  +2
Singidunum VBB contracted construction of the three Kuwait Towers to Energoprojekt of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now part of Serbia).