one on one of March 10, 2017

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2016 cup • quarter final

this is it, eight regional winners will decide which skyscraper is the best of 2016!

30 Park Place

New York City • 282 meter » info

Trump Intl Hotel & Tower

Vancouver • 188 meter » info

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midrise And the winner is 30 Park....and it should be!!!  
JMGA196 Trump Tower is nice, but then again, just a generic crystal cilinder. 30 Park Place at least tries to fit into the context and is a rendition to the culture of NY.  +1
Quall I think 30 Park Place would have looked incredible with some contrasting spandrel like Rockefeller. Voted for it anyways  
A Chicagoan Trump International Hotel and Tower is sleeker. 30 Park Place looks like it's a contemporary of the Empire State Building. I can't believe how many people voted because of height. Or because of eponym,  
nothatso Maybe more people just prefer a more traditional look.  +4
Axelferis Trump one is sleeker, don't be misunderstood's just architecture :)  
Muyangguniang Thirty Park Place  
vartal 30 Park Place  
Celt67 30 Park Place. It's not even close. I LOVE that design.  +1
roydex I would go for the timeless design, cause modernity now will soon outdated.  +1
Lindemann Trump hotel looks already outdated for me. 30 Park Place has a timeless design, it's an instant clasic for the skyline.  +4
spursfan1882 It disappears into the skyline, it's exactly the same as all the other buildings in new york! 30 Park Place is the outdated design for me  +5
Axel76NG dont like the man but he has nice towers.  +2
Sechou Trump Intl Hotel & Tower. Modernity > history.