one on one of March 11, 2017

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2016 cup • quarter final

this is it, eight regional winners will decide which skyscraper is the best of 2016!


Bangkok • 314 meter » info

Bank of China Headquarters

Ningbo • 246 meter » info

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ArtZ Both are perfect but MahaNakhon looks better and it goes to win, as it should be ;)  
Sheikh23 BoCH is a gorgeous building, but Maha is innovative and unique.  +1
abii Easy choice.  +1
Stringpicker They really need to fix the broken one (lol).  
Jose Mari The BOC HQ is great but MahaNakhon is so much taller.  
Balkanada What a retarded reasoning. Mahanakhon is a beautiful building regardless  +4
roydex hard to decide, maybe i would go for MahaNakhon.  +1
Sechou Tough choice. MahaNakhon.  +1