one on one of March 12, 2017

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2016 cup • quarter final

this is it, eight regional winners will decide which skyscraper is the best of 2016!

1 William Street

Brisbane • 260 meter » info

Torre Reforma

Mexico City • 244 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti Torre Reforma  
GoldenKid Torre Reforma is a one of a kind building, not only in Mexico but in the entire world! It´s a very unique and beautiful design, not to mention the engineering element of it is quite amazing.  +1
isakres Torre Refoma its more than a pretty building. The engineering behind this tower preserving a colonial building in the ground floor plus the innovative solution for a columnless structure makes this tower an artwork on its own.  
Rodrigo21 I prefer a full curtain wall building over a building with a 244 meter tall concrete wall on it's back...  
streetwalker not just an office building like so many others, despite the negative comments people may have about Torre Reforma  
JMGA196 Torre Reforma. Literally no competition here.  
Assemblage23 TORRE REFORMA is not one an architectural delight, but also an engineering marble, a columnless structure built in an earthquake-prone city.  +5
Assemblage23 *TORRE REFORMA is not only...  
Braillard Torre Reforma aaaaall the way!  
rafark Torre Reforma for-the-Windows!  
rafark I meant for-the-win! :)  +1
building demolisher Also the windows buddy!  +1
Skyline Art First to vote and I say 1 Wlliam :) 100%  +1
Skyline Art William. Lol typo.the other one is cool too.  +4