one on one of March 13, 2017

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water tower cup • semi final

eight of the most distinctive water towers in the world decide which ones is the world's best!

Wrocław Water Tower

Wrocław • 1905 » info

Watertower by Tom Fruin

Brooklyn • 2012 » info

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prahovaploiesti Wrocław Water Tower  
ArtZ Breslau / Wrocław, of course.  
natansalda I love the NY city one, but Wroclaw's is also amazing and as someone noticed below - THIS is trully a building ;)  
SpiderBHZ Sorry Brooklyn.  
midrise Who really cares about water towers??  +1
SMCYB Both are nice. One is a building. This is a building forum. I vote for the building.  +3
AUTOTHRILL this a forum for all urbanism, not merely buildings.  +2
Sainton The Willy Wonker tower!  +1
VladP Wroclaw  
Tolbert Tom Fruin is a beautiful artwork, but without any purpose...  
Sechou Watertower by Tom Fruin