one on one of March 14, 2017

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water tower cup • semi final

eight of the most distinctive water towers in the world decide which ones is the world's best!

Chicago Water Tower

Chicago • 1869 » info

Valence water towers

Valence • 1969 » info

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prahovaploiesti Chicago Water Tower  
Róka Chicago Avenue Water Tower and Pumping Station  
the dogi Both are nice  
ArtZ Chicago WT  
towerpower123 69 vs 69...  +1
Mr Nev Valence: Awesome salt and pepper shakers.  +1
A Chicagoan Who would vote for two plain gray stakes stuck into the ground?  
TaxiRide who would vote for a toy store?  +1
Guajiro1 100 years difference!  +2
Sechou Valence water towers