one on one of March 24, 2017

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2016 cup • semi final

this is it, eight regional winners will decide which skyscraper is the best of 2016!

Warsaw Spire

Warsaw • 220 meter » info

30 Park Place

New York City • 282 meter » info

this matchup has closed

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Aztecgoddess As much as I don't fancy Warsaw Spire, 30 Park Place was born old therefore my vote goes to Poland.  
vartal Warsaw Spire  
DUBAI10000 Warsaw Spire is horribly shaped and is disgraceful! I can't believe its winning, very sad.  +3
naruciakk Of course 30 Park Place, I don't know why anybody has chosen otherwise.  +1
A Chicagoan Right now, it's tied. And I can understand why! Warsaw Spire has a modern design, and 30 Park Place has a classic, elegant design. So hard to choose! But I chose Warsaw Spire.  +1
spidey7312 Warsaw Spire looks good but I prefer the elegance of 30 Park Place  
fUnk Add American always must be comment.  +1
Quall Warsaw Spire is too top heavy  
roydex It only constructed on 2013 but its elegance tells the image of NYC and it can stand the test of time. It don't bother what the architectural construction trends dictates.  
Octaviansson Actually, it was built in 2016.  
spursfan1882 how can the out dated 30 Park Place be ahead of a modren stunner?!! 30 Park is boring and looks the same as every building around it!  +7
Sechou Warsaw Spire !