one on one of March 25, 2017

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2016 cup • semi final

this is it, eight regional winners will decide which skyscraper is the best of 2016!


Bangkok • 314 meter » info

Torre Reforma

Mexico City • 244 meter » info

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alarm35m Amazing design to withstand powerful earthquakes. Reforma  +1
1984 D.F. An amazing structural design for Reforma Tower!  
Braillard A heartbreaking choice  
AlamDíaz Beautiful historical mansion at Torre Reforma's base!  +2
vartal MahaNakhon  
Ance3232 Beautiful Reforma Tower  
SoHype! Reforma Tower, COLUMNS FREE!  
ArtZ MahaNakhon, of course  
JorgeORandall Reforma Tower in Mexico City is a Masterpiece project of engineer. Only two walls and tensors, an innovation without columns sustaining a 246m skyscraper.  +2
Anthony.s Reforma Tower  +1
jesuz1970 Reforma tower  +1
mexmatt The Bangkok tower is certainly interesting and in many ways I feel that "de-constructed" towers are the wave of the future. But Reforma represents so many feats in terms of engineering and design that it gets my vote. The old mansion at street level (just barely visible in this photo) was moved about 40 feet so they could do the underpinnings on that corner--and then it was moved BACK again. There are no columns in the floors, so it has completely open floor plans. There is a series of perforations (again, not visible here because they're on the other side) which regulate air flow in case of high winds. The building is designed to withstand an earthquake of 9.0 on the Richter Scale. I could mention more qualities, but I think you get the point.  +15
mergedbear Reforma tower!!!!  +2
Rocker9 The MahaNakhon tower could be very good but it looks not very well made, the Reforma has very good aesthetics and looks better done than the other. Reforma se lleva mi voto ;)  +2
Roverach It's necessary check the info for vote please. The Reforma Tower´s engineering system is an innovation without columns. Only needs 2 walls to give support to the 57 floors. Also the first floor has a patrimonial bulding whit gothic arquitecture integrated to the progect. This old bulding was necesary move because the foundations of the tower were built there.  +17
Legomaniac If only more people knew about the troubles that Arup went to built such engineering marvel....Torre Reforma for me :)  +7
@DalianG.M. Mexican__Army__Here  +2
Assemblage23 I like both, but I'll go for TORRE REFORMA given the engineering level it required.  +10
Roverach Reforma Tower is similar to star wars ship. It´s constructive system is excelent.  +2
DUBAI10000 Both are the same style however my personal preference is Torre Reforma.  +2
OnVita Remember that Torre Reforma is a Masterpiece project of engineer.  +4
skyscraper 500 Both  
Mascabrother MahaNakhon is out of this world, can stare on in or hours.  +1
Mascabrother It*  
Ral909 Only two walls and tensors sustaining a 40 x 40 x 246 metre skyscraper, in one of the most seismically-active areas of the world -aside from being built over, quite literally, jelly- surely deserves credit!  +14
BARLACH And without columns.  +3
FloripaNation Neither!  +1
Peregrin Tuk WOW..I LIKE BOTH!  +3
spursfan1882 I love the futuristic look of the MahaNakhon!! Looks like something out of a Si/Fi movie!  +2