one on one of April 4, 2017

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2016 cup • finale

this is it, eight regional winners will decide which skyscraper is the best of 2016!

Warsaw Spire

Warsaw • 220 meter » info

Torre Reforma

Mexico City • 244 meter » info

this matchup has closed

910 people voted (click to see)


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prahovaploiesti Warsaw Spire  
gwiATLeman Another view of Torre Reforma [link]  +2
Lovricico Big wall.  
roballan Magnificent!  
Aztecgoddess A big beautiful wall, and the Mexicans paid for it...  
teuton87 En español y mexicano, La TR a huevo que es la mas chingona jaja ya en serio, si tendrá su lado feo, pero otros hermosos, casi no hay donde se observa que su base es de menor área que sus pisos altos.  
Zeus1972 I'm from Mexico and I'm voting for Warsaw Spire!  
Legomaniac Torre Reforma :)  
urbaner44 Torre Reforma is something beyond than just a building. It´s a master piece, a work of art.  +3
Salmeron(9) Desde Argentina dandole fuerza al Warsaw Spire.  +1
Daortíz Torre Reforma - Love the way they made way to preserve that historical building at the foot of the tower, just awesome  +1
GoldenKid Torre Reforma all the way! There is no comparison!  +3
metroplex city Torre reforma from California all the way  
JASC13 Hermosa Torre Reforma, llena de tecnología e innovación. Además de esto, convina a la perfección con  +1
samurairegio Reforma for being an epic tower on top of a historical building  +1
arq_fredvazquez Torre Reforma, obviously!  +1
skyscraper 500 Torre Reforma  +1
nepturu Torre reforma  +4
AlamDíaz I love how Torre Reforma preserved the historical building at the base!  +5
1984 D.F. An amazing structural solution in one of the most difficult zones to built skyscrapers in the world.  +5
elekto Warsaw beautiful, Mexico best...  +1
marcetw Un latino votando por el Warsaw Spire aquí.. saludos desde Paraguay  
reo64 Torre Reforma of course!  +4
AJIMENEZE Torre Reforma is a Masterpiece and despite I see that building every single week, the emotion of being there and admire all the different angles and details doen not go away.! If you visit Mexico City don´t miss it, this tower is a engineering marvel.  +7
vartal Warsaw Spire  
Scheo With those pictures i wouldn't hesitate giving my vote for the Warsaw Spire, it has a elegant and modern design, nevertheless by clicking info the decision was pretty easy. Torre Reforma is just startling! it has too many great features and angles :)  +6
AlexanderdelaO Torre Reforma is a Masterpiece and in this picture isn't finished yet  +5
Anthony.s Torre Reforma  +7
A380B747A340B777 Torre Reforma is an unique masterpiece of architecture  +8
lsjcp Beautiful, awesome and innovative Torre Reforma!  +6
Леонид Torre Reforme from Honduras 5/5  +8
E-Q-ANIME Unbelievable*  
E-Q-ANIME Despite my eyes are very pleased with the beauty of Warsaw Spire, my vote goes to Reforma Tower because is an engineering marvel, it's just amazing how they dare to built that columnless masterpiece in that Mexico Cty muddy soil... umbeliebavle!  +7
netemilionet Engineering, architecture, design. Torre Reforma deserves to win  +2
Mem3 Mart Torre Reforma tiene en su base otra construcción espectacular!!  +1
nowytarg MIPIM 2017 Awards: The winners revealed. Warsaw Spire crowned best Office & Business Development  
Assemblage23 Torre Reforma is a one-of-a-kind Skyscraper, a fully columnless structure built on a very seismic area.  +2
rince1 I'm from Warsaw and I'd trade Spire for Torre Reforma.  +4
Gratteciel Reforma Tower is an engineering prodigy in a zone as seismic as Mexico City  +4
towerpower123 319 to 323! This is a seriously close race!!! Beautiful curvy glass vs a new concrete Brutalism  +1
A Chicagoan Torre Reforma's shape looks weird.  
A_V_A_1980 Torre Reforma is a unique tower, you will find no other alike in the world!!  +2
Sawdust Torre Reforma, the perfect example of modern architecture and the old can live together in harmony  +2
SchizoGenius Torre Reforma from Prague.  +3
Sierrja The other side of Torre Reforma is much more than front/back side  +2
dolcerodri Torre Reforma all the way!  +4
Sheikh23 IRL WS looks totally hideous, i think its the worst tower in Warsaw  
blogcraft The bad thing of Reforma is the other side, which is only a wall.  +1
mauricio_t86 Reforma! Latin America well represented.  +4
Xvr I think that the torre reforma picture is modified for bad, the pic makes it look fattef than it looks... I think it' has a more slim proportion, and by looking the buildings behind, I'm completely sure.  +3
Xvr The original pic [link]  +2
Sierrja Torre Reforma is the best  +1
jar_007 Vote from Poland to Mexico  +13
Davorotten Reforma!!!!  
mexmatt Torre Reforma, definitely.  +1
soluço wasaw saw war and now can see this beauty  
kebe I'm from Warsaw and I'm voting for Torre Reforma!  +7
jose valderama Torre reforma coma mierda  
HenrikLar I prefer the taller one! And the Polish tower pic seems with photoshop  
Roverach It's necessary check the info for vote please. The Reforma Tower´s engineering system is an innovation without columns. Only needs 2 walls to give support to the 57 floors. Also the first floor has a patrimonial bulding whit gothic arquitecture integrated to the progect. This old bulding was necesary move because the foundations of the tower were built there.  +19
siamu maharaj Mexican one is ugly.  +1
OnVita it's a Masterpiece project of engineer.  +6
Mik3 Warsaw Spire, obviously.  +2
NewOrleansRush I do not like buildings that are backed away from the street. Warsaw Spire has suburban office park feel. My vote goes to Torre Reforma  +2
NeverMindPl Sorry homeland. Vote for Torre.  +4
andreicukapp I voted for the Polish building before other research. And now I'm sorry for doing that..  +3
Mascabrother Varsovia  +2
rakcancer Looks like Warsaw did better here, my vote goes there!  +1
Mesopotamico Reforma  
Rokugatsu On those pictures, I prefer Torre, but I looked at more pictures of it and it looks terrible from the other side, so my vote goes to Warsaw Spire.  +7
Marsupilami the mexican imperial ship has my vote! Go Reforma!!!  +9
il fenomeno warsaw spire is a total average building. on the other hand, torre reforma looks awful from its windowless sides.  +1
Obladi Oblada Torre Reforma is not just a building, it is the tallest work of art ever.  +13
LuisCP06 Torre Reforma, because it has different shapes from every angle you see, search some images to admire this tower better.  +2
DZH22 Warsaw Spire is so unremarkable and cheats its way to those last 40 meters. Hard to believe that's the "building of the year."  
myszoman Although I like and seen Warsaw Spire from up close, but I like Reforma design better  +1
Iluminat Mehiko  +8
SpiderBHZ Varsóvia.  +2
Askario Warsaw  +1
roydex Torre Reforma!  +1
naruciakk Torre Reforma from Gdańsk :)  +2
DzhendoyanV For Warsaw! From Russia with love)  +2
Ekumenopolis Warsaw Spire is far more ellegant.  +8
MEZCAL Mostly people think there might not be a world class building in Latin America... well, Torre Reforma is the irrefutable proof that it's not like that.  
OnVita Remember that Torre Reforma is a Masterpiece project of engineer.  +18
Don Vito KurDeBalanz Warsaw Spire 5/5  +2