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Brooklyn cup • quarter final

Eight buildings and sights which define the New York borough

Barclays Center

SHoP Architects • 2012 » info

TWA Flight Center

Eero Saarinen • 1962 » info

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vartal TWA Flight Center  
prahovaploiesti TWA Flight Center  
CNB30 I find this to be a personal insult  +1
streetscapeer Barclays for me. It's a beautiful structure!... And it's actually in Brooklyn lol  
RegentHouse Barclays Center was cool until it was decided to plop giant turds around it (even when it was by the same architects) instead of the Frank Gehry masterpieces originally proposed.  
TheIllinoisan Gehry is a hack who has literally NEVER designed anything close to a masterpiece. The only reason for his success is his large network of connections.  
nylkoorB Love the whole idea of Brooklyn cup, but JFK is Queens! Barclays it is! Go Nets (I know they suck rn)  +1
SMCYB If you build it, they will lose. No contest: TWA.  +1
SE9 Brooklyn Cup, so voted for the Brooklyn option  +1
ThatOneGuy TWA Flight is a a masterpiece  +1
xzmattzx JFK International Airport is in Queens, not Brooklyn  +4
Bruce.Tenmile JFK is in Queens.  +2
Alexenergy TWA Flight Center was built 55 years ago !  +5