one on one of April 14, 2017

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Brooklyn cup • quarter final

Eight buildings and sights which define the New York borough

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The Hub

190 meter • current tallest in Brooklyn » info

9 DeKalb Avenue

325 meter • future tallest » info

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vartal 9 DeKalb Avenue  
erbse 9 DeKalb Ave/Flatbush Tower is among the most beautiful edifices of the Neo Art Deco wave! So excited to see it completed! Supergeil.  
TheIllinoisan The "hub" is a turd with a tiara.  
prahovaploiesti 9 DeKalb Avenue  
SMCYB Why is this even a contest?  +4
midrise Why is this even in the "Final Quarter" when one does not exist???.......LAME  
lok1999 How can a building define brooklyn if it is not actually built?  +2
nylkoorB It will start rising very soon  
Hudson11 only voting for the hub because, you know, its actually a thing at the moment.  +1
streetscapeer Easy  
nylkoorB 9 Dekalb!