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Abu Dhabi cup • quarter final

Eight of the tallest and most striking skyscrapers in the capital Emirate

World Trade Center

381 meter • 2014 » info

Gate Towers

238 meter • 2013 » info

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RegentHouse Marina Bay Sands is a lame complex to copy anyway, and the World Trade Center is far superior.  
vartal Gate Towers  
Pansori Gate towers looks like a straight knock off of Singapore's Marina bay Sands. How lame.  +10
Sainton Gate Towers is a bland copy of Marina Sands.  +15
the dogi Tough choice  
RaymondHood Gate Towers = modern Stonehenge  
roydex @Mr.BadgerCT ...maybe you are thinking of MarinaBay Sands of Singapore but the Gate Towers are Taller.  
JAIME COSTA Just taller but...  
BadgerCT Um, where have I seen those gate towers before...?  +17
roydex Gate Towers