one on one of April 27, 2017

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wind cup • semi final

four structures which combine tall & wind, which one does it best!

Strata SE1

London • 148 meter • 2010 » info

Windmill skyline

Kinderdijk, the Netherlands » info

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Sainton icon vs what-is-that-thing  
JamieUK Strata is a gorgeous building but them turbines are rarely used. Just a gimmick to get past the fascistic approval system.  
RegentHouse The side not shown ruins it. If the approval system was "fascistic," mind turbines or not, it would have never seen the light of day.  
RegentHouse wind*  
RegentHouse Strata SE1 is one ugly son of a bitch.  
SEAfan visually, certainly the Windmill skyline  
vartal Windmill skyline