one on one of April 30, 2017

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Brooklyn cup • finale

Eight buildings and sights which define the New York borough


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9 DeKalb Avenue

325 meter • future tallest » info

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vartal DUMBO  
erbse How can a building define a borough that isn't even there yet? Uhm, yeah. The Flatbush Tower will be an amazing piece of Neo Art Deco, though!  
Braillard 9 DeKalb  
RegentHouse DUMBO is a dumb name, however. I wish neighborhoods would be called by their actual historical names instead of silly acronyms and portmanteaus. Not every neighborhood can be a SoHo or Tribeca.  +1
A Chicagoan From the information given, I can assume that: A. 9 DeKalb Avenue is an empty lot right now. and B. 9 DeKalb isn't something to see.  
Hudson11 DUMBO = a thing. 9 DeKalb = not a thing (yet)  +2