one on one of May 1, 2017

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Benidorm cup • semi final

Lining up the four tallest buildings on the Costa del Hong Kong

Gran Hotel Bali

210 meter • 2002 » info

Neguri Gane

148 meter • 2002 » info

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vartal Neguri Gane  
erbse Both are weird as hell. Screwed up proportions.  +1
A Chicagoan Hmm. Both are disgusting.  
Gutovsky After seeing Benidorm, I find São Paulo more beautiful.  +1
Balkanada Who cares about this awful resort town full of degenerate Brits?  
SMCYB Off-centered vs. off-putting. Both suck. I refuse to vote for either.  +3
midrise crap  +5
GGJ16 Both hideous  +6
NOMAD€ criminal minds gave birth to these monsters  +14