one on one of May 2, 2017

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Benidorm cup • semi final

Lining up the four tallest buildings on the Costa del Hong Kong


200 meter • 2014 » info

Torre Lúgano

158 meter • 2008 » info

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Naipesky Mr. Evil Headquarters.  
vartal Torre Lúgano  
roballan None is particularly good looking, so I guess the vote goes to the "least hideous", which I think is Lugano.  +4
A Chicagoan Torre Lúgano is actually kind of nice-looking. Reminds me of Miami. As for Intempo, need I say anything?  +2
falp6 Intempo looks like a north korean building.  +1
whatsuplucas both of them really  
manuelmonge i mean... i love spaniard old architecture, but skyscrapers are not their thing...  +1
NewOrleansRush Both are tacky  
goodybear Wasnt there an untrue rumor that the architect forgot to add elevators in Intempo?  +2
CactusLord As a spaniard I'm ashamed that Benidorm made it into a cup, all of the architecture there is hideous. Benidorm architecture is only appealing as seen from the distance, once you analyse the buildings from a nearer perspective you realise how terrible the architecture actually is.  +8
CactusLord And also Intempo is one of the ugliest skyscrapers on earth...  +10
Atlantropa Intempo is one of the ugliest things on earth (imho).  +1
indiekid I kinda like that Benidorm doesn't pretend to be anything else but tacky. At least Spain has a wealth of beautiful cities elsewhere.  +1