one on one of May 3, 2017

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roundabout cup • quarter final

round and round she goes!

skyscraper ones

Columbus Circle

New York City » info

Burj Khalifa Roundabouts


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RĂ³ka Columbus Circle  
Jim856796 Damn, looks like I made the wrong choice...  
TheIllinoisan Columbus Circle is spectacular. I remember driving through it the first time and immediately noticing the great diversity of architecture surrounding it. Those roundabouts by the Burj Dubai look stupid. They make about as much sense as a roundabout in the Mariana Trench.  +1
vartal Columbus Circle  +1
JAIME COSTA What's the point of those roundabouts by Burj Khalifa? Function should precede form in a roundabout.  +7
JotaPe The point is wasting money.  +5
Amecurty it looks like a bug though.. xD  +2