one on one of May 5, 2017

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roundabout cup • quarter final

round and round she goes!

capitol ones

Place Charles de Gaulle

Paris » info

State Circle

Canberra » info

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Slartibartfas There is not even a match there. Depressing suburbia dressing up as heart of a national capital to the right.  +2
greencitizen144 Canberra is pretty isolated though. Its more than 100 miles from any major city (170 from Sydney).  +2
Muyangguniang Place Charles de Gaulle, Paris  
Eikichi Wait, there was a match here?  +3
Limassoler The roundabout in Paris is called "Place de l' ├ętoile".  +1
SpiderBHZ Now that what I call unfair competition. Paris est hors concours  
RaymondHood Parigi is better than Cranberry.  +2
JamieUK Paris all the way.  +3
vartal Arc de Triomphe