one on one of May 6, 2017

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roundabout cup • quarter final

round and round she goes!

slow traffic ones


bike-about » info

Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge

walk-about • Shanghai » info

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Epsix Hovenring. It's a beautiful balance between physics and design. The shanghai one is just a circle on pillars.  +2
Niek99 Im dutch but I voted Shanghai  
Drs. P. The center of the Lujiazui roundabout is more colourfull, but the structure of the circular suspension bridge is more beautiful  
Drs. P. So Hovenring is my choiche  +1
Jim856796 Well, looks like I made the right choice this time.  
bedrof Hovenring because it's the first one in the world  +2
Silly_Walks Hovenring is basically a circular suspension bridge... of course Hovenring.  +1
Xenoplas I personally just think the idea of the whatever-about being hung up around a pylon like a circular suspension bridge is a little bit cooler. the design is also sleek  +2 hardcore cycling infra :D  +1
wber Bike better. cars is the death of humanity and ecosystems  +1
Sechou Hard to choice, both are cool  +3
ArtZ Lujiazui  
Silly_Walks Why? It's not sleek and suspended like Hovenring is.  
lok1999 Hovenring, because my ODC said so.  
lok1999 OCD*  +1
Christi69 both are fine  +4