one on one of May 9, 2017

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Pei cup • quarter final

Eight skyscrapers designed by the famous 100-year-old architect

Bank of China tower

Hong Kong • 367 meter • 1985 » info

OCBC Centre

Singapore • 198 meter • 1976 » info

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ArtZ BoC will probably win the Pei contest.  +2
Tropical Guy BoC: once seen, unforgettable. It's an icon even in these times of Dubay's supertalls.  +2
TheIllinoisan The BOC Tower is one of the greatest skyscraper designs ever built. Certainly the best one to have been realized in Asia.  +3
naruciakk BoC Tower is well-known, but OCBC Centre is simply better.  
A Chicagoan Tha Bank of China Tower is a symbol of Hong Kong. I've never heard of the other one.  
HRP4Life Is this even a competition?  +4
Mr Nev Both way ahead of their time. I'll go with OCBC  
Sechou OCBC Centre. One of my favorite buildings from that era. Really iconic building! Although Bank of China tower is also great of course.  
falp6 Bank of China!  
Pansori Pei was far more generous to HK than he was to Singapore with his creativity and imagination.  +1
Leandro_lenz OCBC timeless  
JamieUK The art is about unique and beautiful at the same time. Anyone can design something unique like the ugly building on the right.  
GaryinSydney OCBC centre was an iconic image of Singapore for so long  +1