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Pei cup • quarter final

Eight skyscrapers designed by the famous 100-year-old architect

The Gateway

Singapore • 150 meter • 1990 » info

Place Ville-Marie

Montreal • 188 meter • 1962 » info

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DUBAI10000 I agree with @zaphod, Place Ville-Marie is outstanding for a design that started in the 1950s however the Gateway is more impressive.  
KillerZavatar The Gateway is a mindfuck building that looks like a flat piece of paper from one side and really confusing from the other. When I saw it in Singapore, I thought it was brilliant.  +2
zaphod Every city has a building that looks like Gateway Towers, but then at least the Place Ville Marie was ahead of its time given its age  
Sechou The Gateway  
goodybear Gateway tower look really cool from certain angles, like they are just a thin slab.  +3