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Pei cup • quarter final

Eight skyscrapers designed by the famous 100-year-old architect

Fountain Place

Dallas • 220 meter • 1986 » info

John Hancock Tower

Boston • 241 meter • 1976 » info

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TheIllinoisan Both of these buildings are awesome.  +4
DUBAI10000 I have seen the John Hancock in real life like 30+ and to be honest with you, its nice but not all that impressive. Fountain Place is better both both are good for the times when they were created.  
Edil Arda [link]  
FAVAustinTX Fountain Place is an icon in Dallas, still my favorite after all these years, revolutionary at the time.  
DZH22 JHT is the original all glass curtain skyscraper, and still holds up 40 years later. It was an engineering marvel at the time. (once they finally got the windows to stop popping out!)  +4