one on one of May 14, 2017

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roundabout cup • semi final

round and round she goes!

Columbus Circle

New York City » info

Magic Roundabout

Swindon » info

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CapTijSlp This and the previous thread are ridiculous  
Avemano Wtf is that thing in Swindon? Wasn't it possible to make one single giant roundabout? It looks difficult to drive for no reason, what a nightmare.  
Slartibartfas The one looks ugly and pedestrians are an afterthought at best, while NYC shows a good compromise of heavy car use with attractive pedestrian paths and places.  +2
A Chicagoan I don't think there's a competition here.  
SMCYB Columbus Circle is even better since the redesign 15 or so years ago.  
naruciakk Columbus Circle, not because it's in a nicer surrounding, but it shows a great utilization of roundabout's interior  
Oberhafenjunge how can't you vote for the magic roundabout? It's not about the picture but about the principle and structure here!  +2
Slartibartfas The magic roundabout is not only bad for everyone who happens to be no car but it has also considered one of the scariest places for car drivers too.  
Silly_Walks We're not voting for the area it is in, we are voting for the structure. I don't see what's special about Columbus Circle. Magic Roundabout all the way.  +6
SMCYB This photo gives you a good idea what's special about it. [link]  +1
A Chicagoan Columbus Circle is a roundabout within a roundabout.  
RĂ³ka Columbus Circle  +1
JamieUK Dull roundabout is a super awesome area vs interesting roundabout in super dull Swindon.  +10