one on one of May 15, 2017

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roundabout cup • semi final

round and round she goes!

Place Charles de Gaulle

Paris » info

Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge

walk-about • Shanghai » info

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scarer hermosa  
gusgazman paris  
DanielFA Paris  
SMCYB Give it 100 years and then compare these two again.  
Xenoplas definitely paris then. the bridge will probably just look like 50s buildings look to us nowadays  
JMGA196 It will be a 100 year old chinese roundbout vs a 250 year old roundbout and one of the most influential and important monuments of all time  
Pansori Beet to both. Lujiazui hands down.  
UnitedX A B S O L U T E L Y ___ P A R I S  +2
SpiderBHZ My God! Paris vs Shanghai?? Really?  +2