one on one of May 23, 2017

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Greenland cup • quarter final

Eight of the tallest buildings built and under construction by the Chinese real estate developer Greenland

Wuhan Greenland Center

Wuhan • 636 meter • under construction » info

Zhengzhou Greenland Plaza

Zhengzhou • 280 meter • 2014 » info

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A Chicagoan Corn on the Cob!  
d.henney What? More than 0,8 for Wuhan? The Zhengzhou one has the more interesting facade and looks amazing at night (check it out)! Wuhans one is just a tall flat glass suppository …  
somrach1 i can't believe there are actually 21 people who voted for the right one ?  +1
Pansori The guy who designed Zhenzhou tower should try looking for a different job.  +1 Thats a clear vote  
HRP4Life Damn this isn't even close.  +4