one on one of May 29, 2017

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Pei cup • finale

Eight skyscrapers designed by the famous 100-year-old architect

Bank of China tower

Hong Kong • 367 meter • 1985 » info

Miami Tower

Miami • 191 meter • 1987 » info

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Jim856796 I am going with the absolute best: The Bank of China Tower.  +1
SpiderBHZ Both are ugly and have no personality  
somrach1 you must got a hella weird taste then. bank of china tower look fine  +2
A Chicagoan I don't think this is a competition.  +2
INFERNAL ELF Indeed the Pei cup was pretty dettermined from the start. When i first searched him up i was like what he he made. and then i scrolled quite long and Saw the Fantastic bank of china.  +1
ArtZ BoC by far  +5
vartal Miami Tower  +1