one on one of June 9, 2017

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Rio cup • quarter final

Eight different types of landmarks which define the Cidade Maravilhosa!

Edifício Sede da Petrobras

Catedral de São Sebastião

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vartal Edifício Sede da Petrobras  
Kripton Both lose  +2
towerpower123 They're both equally ugly and the vote seems to be confirming that.  +1
Gutovsky Two of the most hiddeous buildings in the country.  +1
mexmatt Petrobras. The cathedral might be beautiful from the inside, but from the outside....yikes!  
stewie1980 I can't vote. Both so ugly.  +6
SpiderBHZ The ugliest building in town, perhaps in the country, but the cathedral is really the worst!!  +3
ThatOneGuy Cathedral