one on one of June 11, 2017

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hong kong cup • semi final

Lining up the eight tallest buildings in the Pearl of the Orient!

Central Plaza

374 meter • 1992 » info

Two Intl. Finance Centre

412 meter • 2003 » info

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naruciakk This postmodern ESB looks nice, but Two Intl. Finance Centre's much better.  
igor Two Intl. Finance Centre  
A Chicagoan Such a tough choice! I've known the Two International Finance Centre for longer, and I really like it, but Central Plaza's design is better.  +1
Torch Somehow I really like Central Plaza. I usually hate gold cladding, and the decorative elements can be viewed as tacky. But it works for me on this building. Plus it has a wonderful placement in the skyline.  +2
Sechou Central Plaza  
vartal Two Intl. Finance Centre  +1