one on one of June 21, 2017

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Rio cup • finale

Eight different types of landmarks which define the Cidade Maravilhosa!

Bank of China Tower

367 meter • 1990 » info

Two Intl. Finance Centre

412 meter • 2003 » info

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vartal Two Intl. Finance Centre  
A Chicagoan Huh?  
stewie1980 Impossible! Those two buildings are way too beautiful for Rio!  
somrach1 lmao Server error or something ?  +1
spidey7312 Rio must be awful important to have a branch of the Bank of China here...  +3
HRP4Life Rio cup LMAO  +1
Ch.W Rio looks so different...compared to Hong Kong :-) lol  +3
towerpower123 Rio de Janiero must be a really big city to wrap halfway around the world to Hong Kong!  +9
KJBrissy Rio cup final is two Hong Kong towers?  +16
somrach1 that's just so f*cked up :))