one on one of June 25, 2017

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water taxi cup • quarter final

getting around town the fun way

Tokyo Cruise Ship

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Star Ferry

Hong Kong » info

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Silly_Walks Star Ferry is a legend.  +1
Pansori Star Ferry is open and you can always feel the breeze of the Victoria Harbour. Tokyo ship on the other hand has a cool design but zero experience. No competition here.  +1
afrmx Tokyo Cruise ship --> [link]  +1
SEAfan Sorry, Tokyo Cruise Ship doesn't show for me.  +7
KJBrissy Click on the info link.  
Sechou Star Ferry  +1
db84 The Star Ferry's (whatever)-Star vessels is a 1956 design. I find it a poor design.  +1
Lindemann Star Ferry is a fucking legend  +3
FAVAustinTX Shame we can't see Tokyo Cruise Ship  +3