one on one of July 1, 2017

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food cup • quarter final

Eight dishes that were named after cities.


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Jordan Senio Tontos que esto?  
vartal Berliner!!!  
RokasLT both, fuck my health.  +6
A Chicagoan I thought the hamburger was named for being a burger with ham in it.  
Hudson11 hamburger is beef...  
CactusLord what  
Avemano Hamburger because barbecue/fast food is the only cuisine the Americans are good it.  
JuanRuano bolas de fraile  +1
wkiehl101 I like both, but right now, I want that hamburger.  +3
Grejv Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.  +1
Pop Bogdan Pancove FTW!  
Sechou Ich bin ein Berliner  
Bauer-Ewald Hamburg for the win! Wir sind alle Hamburger Jungs :D  +2
Federation2014 МЯСО!!!  +1