one on one of July 2, 2017

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food cup • quarter final

Eight dishes that were named after cities.

Wiener Schnitzel

Vienna » info

Brussels sprouts

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DanielFA Schnitzel ├╝ber alles!  
Lino there's better food than that, but Schnitzel. Sprouts, yuck  
Scania500 Polish "kotlet" ! :D  +1
KingNick How's that a competition?  +1
Munwon never had schnizel but it looks delicious  
SpiderBHZ Wiener Schnitzel!! Looks delicious!  
Sechou Wiener Schnitzel  
Axel76NG I would vote for a fresh turd before I vote for Brussels sprouts.  +8
wkiehl101 Schnitzel  
naruciakk Easy one. Schnitzel is love  
Slartibartfas It's my patriotic duty to vote for the Wiener Schnitzel.  +5
vartal Wiener Schnitzel