one on one of July 5, 2017

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unbuilt Moscow cup • quarter final

Eight designs from the first half of the 20th century that never saw the light of the Moscovian day.

8th sister

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Palace of the Soviets

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prahovaploiesti 8th sister  
vartal 8th sister  
A Chicagoan I prefer the crescent to the giant Lenin.  
goodybear Palace of the Soviets cause its foundation was turned into the world's largest swimming pool. Thank goodness it was never fully built.  
miami1 None  
Mr Nev both semi-professional sand castles  +2
Tropical Guy If it is to be bizarrely-shaped and ugly, I'm with the Palace of the Soviets. Heheh  +3
iceworld Both are terrible  +4
Christi69 I chose the most grand/grotesque one  +3
Christi69 I vhose the most grand/grotesque one  
pit none vote, both are ugly  +4
FAVAustinTX Hard choice, neither one?  +6