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unbuilt Moscow cup • quarter final

Eight designs from the first half of the 20th century that never saw the light of the Moscovian day.

by Aleksandr Vesnin, Leonid Vesnin

Narkomtiazhprom competition

by Ivan Leonidov

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prahovaploiesti by Ivan Leonidov  
vartal by Aleksandr Vesnin, Leonid Vesnin  
SanFranRising Yeah, left one is looks part of dam and the right one is grain silos you see near railroad lines  
ThatOneGuy Vesnin  
CCs77 First of all, they were never actual projects, mean to be actually built, just visions. But as Braillard said, you have to realise they date back from the 1930, and for that time they were quite revolutionary, that is the value.  +2
FAVAustinTX I can see the Empire State and Chyrsler as revolutionary at the time, these, even then seem a monstruosity, specially the one on the left..  +1
Braillard Do you realise that they have been proposed in the 1930's?  +4
DeaconG The one on the left looks like a dam waiting for its river. The right one looks like a launch pad with booster.  +1
FAVAustinTX So far none of these architecture strikes a chord, thank God they stayed on paper or whatever.  +4
Bruce.Tenmile I entirely agree; monstrosities all. There are so many wonderful unrealized projects, why must we have a cup focusing on these?  +1
A Chicagoan Perhaps because they're so bad?