one on one of July 12, 2017

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food cup • semi final

Eight dishes that were named after cities.


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Wiener Schnitzel

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Jim856796 I never had any Wiener Schnitzel, so I voted for the Hamburger.  
vartal Wiener Schnitzel  +1
JotaPe Aguanten las milangas! :P  +2
Lucas R aguante la milanga vieja  +1
Exethalion Hamburger can be terrible... or glorious. Schnitzel is just Schnitzel. Wiener art, pork, chicken, turkey... when pulverized and fried in breadcrumbs it generally tastes the same. Good, but not so exciting as a mouthwatering high quality burger.  +5
Slartibartfas You have clearly never eaten great Schnitzel yet. There is a huge differende to cheap, low quality Schnitzels, like day and night. Moreover, traditionally, Schnitzel comes with Viennes potato salad (oil, vinegar, onions, NO mayonnaise). There again, great potato salad is mouthwatering, cheap one is terrible.  
vitacit schitzel for sure ! can't imagine sunday lunch without schnitzel. ..  +1
Weissenberg Schnitzel, not even close.  
MENA55 they must be running out of ideas...  +5
MENA55 voted for schnitzel since not a hamburger fan.  +1
Slartibartfas You must be kidding. If I get to choose between those two: Schnitzel  
Sechou Wiener Schnitzel  +3