one on one of July 13, 2017

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food cup • semi final

Eight dishes that were named after cities.

Peking duck

Beijing » info

New York strip

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DarkLite None. I hate steak and duck  
somrach1 people who voted for NY strip only care about the look of the food until they try them out 1 by 1 . but the Peking duck is fcking delicious for real.  +2
somrach1 peking duck beat that NY strip interm of TASTE and everything.  
Lucas R how the hell a strip of beef can compete with the peking duck?  +3
vartal New York strip  +1
WhiteGerbera Real competition! Like comparing Greenland Wuhan to Greenland Chengdu!  +2
A Chicagoan 46-47.  +2
naruciakk ofk New York strip, but damn, 45/45 after my vote :D  +2
The_Fox This is getting difficult! ;)  +4