one on one of July 18, 2017

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unbuilt Moscow cup • semi final

Eight designs from the first half of the 20th century that never saw the light of the Moscovian day.

Palace of the Soviets

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Horizontal Skyscraper

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vartal Horizontal Skyscraper  
Pansori Both are terrible.  
building demolisher In Mother Russia Lenin votes you!  +2
A Chicagoan I voted for the one that seems more feasible.  
mexmatt Not much of a choice, but yeah, I'll go with the wedding cake.  +1
username unnecessary Soviet Palace with King Kong statue instead of Soviet leader.  +1
AKIM "Soviet Palace" in Moscow  
RaymondHood Neoclassical bombast trumps bold modernism.  
FAVAustinTX The Wedding cake!  +10