one on one of July 21, 2017

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Eight dishes that were named after cities.


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Peking duck

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d.henney You can make really good Hamburgers, but Bejing duck still tastes more like heaven!  +2
somrach1 what the fuck is that hamburger doing in here ? lmao tasteless fast food.  +1
Jim856796 Dang, I thought Peking Duck would win out, even though I have never had any and would have the Hamburger the whole time. I made the wrong choice again, didn't I?  
ArtZ Beijing duck, of course  +2
vartal Peking duck  +2
_Night City Dream_ I actually quite like both: sleek design, nice cladding, sustainable structure, pleasant to the eye. However, since Chinese cuisine is way healthier and tastier. I voted for Beijing duck.  +2
andreschultz26 called Hamburger due to ham not Hamburg  +2
Braillard oh yeah because the meat in it is pork, right? lololol  +1
RaymondHood Germany is beating out China, 14-7.  
Sechou Peking duck  +4