one on one of July 27, 2017

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Jahn cup • semi final

eight striking skyscraper designs out of the portfolio of Der Helmut!

Liberty Place

Philadelphia • 288 meter • 1987 » info

50 West

New York City • 237 meter • 2017 » info

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SMCYB Liberty Place is iconic in Philly. 50 West never will be.  +1
vartal 50 West  
DZH22 Liberty Place is an icon on the Philadelphia skyline, and probably the best glass knockoff of the Chrysler Building ever built. It still looks good 30 years later. 50 West is nice, but unremarkable and barely noticeable in the scheme of things.  +5
Joe_centennial 50 west*  
Joe_centennial Liberty Place is iconic, while west has a nice cladding, it's still just another boxy building  +1
brandon12 I've been to Liberty Place so yes!