one on one of July 30, 2017

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new Rotterdam cup • quarter final

Eight new projects that will shape the skyline of Europe's biggest port city!

De Zalmhaven

215 meter » info

The Sax

150 meter » info

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stewie1980 De Zalmhaven, the Netherlands future highest!  
Sechou De Zalmhaven  +1
SMCYB I'd vote for The Sax if it didn't have that stupid gold bar through it. That's like a freshman year architecture student's mistake.  +1
luukardinho The higher the better, stop building 150 meter tall buildings in Rotterdam, all the same height!  +2
vartal The Sax  +1
RaymondHood Who are the architects for these two projects?  
Rkastelan Zalmhaven: Dam & Partners, The Sax: MVRDV  +3
A Chicagoan I remember the MVRDV Cup. They are really horrible architects. I'm not surprised they came up with something like The Sax.