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landmark cup • quarter final

Tripadvisor has ranked the top landmarks as travel destinations of which we selected the top eight to decide which one we like best

Basilica di San Pietro

Vatican City • Italy » info

Taj Mahal

Agra • India » info

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ArtZ Taj Mahal, a symbol of love.  
vartal Basilica di San Pietro  
naruciakk Easy one. Basilica di San Pietro Vatican City, the center of the One True Faith  
ArtZ or rather a  
ArtZ or rather worldwide known for its sexual abuses.  
Amecurty Taj Mahal for its beauty and for what it represents.. instead of the other one that represents scam business.  +10
ArtZ Taj Mahal, of course  +2
SpiderBHZ Both are gorgeous but I stick with São Pedro  
roballan San Pietro. What a magnificent building!  
RaymondHood Is this the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City that was once owned by Doanald Trump before he went bankrupt?  +1
DiogoBaptista Basilica di San Pietro Vatican City • Italy ? What a shame! Vatican is actually a country/an official State so the Basilica is not in Italy but in Vatican !  +3
indiekid Yeah but the Vatican is just an artificial construct to ensure Italian separation of church and state. It is for all intents and purposes Italy.  +5
Sechou Taj Mahal  +1
d.henney Angkor vs Machu Picchu was hard. This one is easy → Taj Mahal =)  +6