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landmark cup • quarter final

Tripadvisor has ranked the top landmarks as travel destinations of which we selected the top eight to decide which one we like best

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi • United Arab Emirates » info

Mutianyu Great Wall

Beijing • China » info

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CapTijSlp Whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt???? are you seriously???? there´s no comparison....  
vartal Mutianyu Great Wall  
Patrick Highrise no contest! ;)  +1
SpiderBHZ Great Wall, naturally.  +5
naruciakk Umm… what the xD… Great Wall of China vs. trashy and fake new mosque?  +7
DiogoBaptista Really guys? Are you comparing the Great Wall of China to a fake Mosque built in 2007?  +9
RaymondHood Is that Trump's border wall? And why is it tilted so badly?  +1
A Chicagoan It's tilted because it's 500 years old! (And that was when it was restored.)  
A Chicagoan Not when it was first built.  
A Chicagoan It was first built in the 500s.