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landmark cup • semi final

Tripadvisor has ranked the top landmarks as travel destinations of which we selected the top eight to decide which one we like best

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu • Peru » info

Basilica di San Pietro

Vatican City • Italy » info

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DarkLite The merits of building in such an isolated location are much greater than constructing a church almost at sea level  
SMCYB Cliff dwellers over the world's largest oligarchy any day.  
Sechou Machu Picchu ofc  +2
starcooler wtf? nature VS building :/  +1
danieloc nature.... don't you see the ruins of the city on the mountain?  +6
Guajiro1 Is there really people with access to the internet that don't know about Machu Picchu?  
roballan Machu Picchu!  +2