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Batumi cup • quarter final

Eight of the most striking skyscrapers and projects which are shaping the Georgian Black Sea resort and port city

Radisson Blu Batumi

2011 » info

Sheraton Batumi Hotel

118 meter • 2010 » info

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vartal Radisson Blu Batumi  
Lino Sheraton!  
RaymondHood Corrected vesion: The all-too-frequent choice between vulgariy and banality. I'll go with vulgarity this time.  
Limassoler Instead of another Stalinist I still prefer a not-so-pretty post-modernist. So, I guess we're on the same page. :)  +1
RaymondHood The all-too-frequestm shoice between vulgariy and banality.  
Sechou Radisson Blu Batumi  
MateoRenzi1992 Radisson Blu Batumi;)